Upcoming Events

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Past Events

May 16, 2019: NEASIS&T sponsored a webinar on American FactFinder. A video and slides will be made available shortly to attendees. Stay tuned for the information.

January 11, 2019: NEASIST’s annual program, Navigating the Data Landscape: Roles and Rules and When to Break Them!
College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA


October 22-23: Library Carpentry Workshop at Brown University

January 8: NEASIS&T annual program: Understanding and using APIs


Service Design: The Holistic Experience 1/12/2017 — Program


June Meetup: Have fun with info pros at the NEASIST summer picnic!

June Meetup: Building Collections around Faculty CVs and Syllabi

April Meetup: UX/UI Un-Conference

User Experience and You: UX Design and Research Conference


What Should We Want? Collection Development with Michael Leach

September Meetup: Trivia Night with Simmons ASIST

July Meetup: Picnic Party with NEASIST

June Meetup: The Open Access Atmosphere and More

May Meetup: Timeline JS Workshop

April Meetup: Meet an expert in location-based services

March Meetup: Visit a state-of-the-art learning space!

February Meetup: Everyone Wins! The Beneficial Role of Post-Graduate Library Fellowships

January Meetup: Connect with Data Visualization

Data Visualization: How to Do It and Do It Well
Co-sponsored by NEASIST and the Simmons College Student Chapter of ASIS&T
Presentations recorded by WGBH Forum Network:
Workshop materials:
Visualizing Spatial Data Using Online Tools (instructions and links, examples)
No Fuss Data Visualizations with Sheetsee.js (slides, worksheet)


December Meetup: Meet, Greet, and Eat — and Remember Information Trends from 2014

Annual Meeting (Re)mixer
Co-sponsored by NEASIST and the Simmons College Student Chapter of ASIS&T

October Meetup: Meet, Greet, and Eat — And Discuss The Information

September Meetup: Meet, Greet, and Eat — And Discuss The Information

August Meetup: Meet, Greet, and Eat — And Talk Responsive Design

July Meetup: Meet, Greet, and Eat — And Talk Open Access

June Meetup: Meet, Greet, and Eat (Nachos)

2014 Annual NEASIST Networking Dinner
Video (recorded by the WGBH Forum Network)
Presentation slides

Spring 2014 Meetup: Between a Rock and a Hard Place — Libraries and Privacy in the Digital Age

Big Data & You: Preparing Current & Future Information Specialists
Co-sponsored by NEASIST and the Simmons College Student Chapter of ASIS&T
Presentation slides


Fall Meetup: Too Much Stuff — Curating Digital Content for Archives?!

2013 Annual NEASIST Networking Dinner

Spring Event: So You Want to Publish an Ebook? Tools, Standards & Metadata for Creation and Innovation!
Co-sponsored by NEASIST and the Simmons College Student Chapter of ASIS&T

January Event: The Book as iPad App — iBooks Author


Fall Meetup: Hacking the Library — USA vs. Swartz

Summer Meetup: Sharing on Data Visualization

2012 Annual Awards Banquet

Going Mobile: Library Websites, Services, and Apps on Mobile Devices
Presentation slides


Winter Meetup: How America’s Revolutionaries Imagined Intellectual Property

NEASIST TED Talks & Pizza Gathering

NEASIST Gathers to Celebrate Chapter Awards

Summer Meet-Up: 10 Things Researchers Want

Awards Dinner
Presentation slides

Content Management Systems for Dummies (or busy smarties looking for fast, simple solutions)
Event podcasts


Winter Meet-Up: All Things e-Readers

Fall Book Club Night: Dive into HTML5

NEASIST Meet-up: Geo-location mobile apps

Awards Dinner

NEASIST TED Talks Film Festival

Spring “Book” Club Night: Stay Ahead of the Shift

Meetup: Help us celebrate winning ASIST chapter awards!

The library is dead. Long live the library! The rebirth of libraries in the 21st century

Fall Book Club Night: Groundswell

NEASIST Book Club Night: The Long Tail

NEASIST/SLA Boston Summer Evening at EBSCO

Awards dinner

TED Talks Film Festival

Book Club Night: “Print is Dead”

Meetup: Twitter!


Meetup: What I learned at ASIS&T…

Mobile Mania: Developing information services for portable devices
Co-sponsored by NEASIST and the Simmons College Student Chapter of ASIS&T

Understanding Human Information Interaction
Co-sponsored by Simmons GSLIS and NEASIST

SLA Boston and NEASIST Dine-Around

Meetup: Greener Living Through Technology

NEASIS&T awards dinner with special guest Robert Wolfe of the MIT Libraries 

Meetup: 21st-Century Job Hunting

Meetup: Share Your Fun New Gadgets! 

Licensing Electronic Resources


From Guerilla Innovation to Institutional Transformation: Information Professionals as Change Agents

Do We Need a Second Life? Library and Information Services in a Virtual World

NEASIST awards dinner with special guests Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg of IBM 

Designing Usable Interfaces: Three Expert Perspectives

GIS for the Real World: Google Earth and GIS Web Tools with Lisa Sweeney


The Dawn of the Embedded Library: Integrating Library Services into People’s Trusted Networks

NEASIST Awards Dinner with special guest Peter Morville “Ambient Findability”


Buy, Hack or Build: Optimizing your Systems for Your Users and Your Sanity

NEASIST Annual Awards Dinner

Syndicate, Aggregate, Communicate:
New Web Tools in Real Applications for Libraries, Companies and Regular Folk


Freedom vs Control: Rights Management in the Digital Age

ASIS&T Annual


DASER Summit: Digital Archives for Science & Engineering Resources

Blogging, RSS Feeds and News Aggregators

Spring Awards Dinner

It’s Not Just Google Anymore: Blogs and the Latest in Search Engines


Strategies for E-Learning and Distance Education Educators: An ASIS&T Joint Chapter Virtual Mini-Course

Spring Awards Dinner 


Future of Fair Use

Working with Audio: from Archiving to Web Delivery (a hands on-workshop)

Spring Awards Dinner


A Walk on the Wireless Side
Implementing wireless technologies
Transcribed and featured in the ASIS&T Bulletin

Working with Audio: from Archiving to Web Distribution

Building Database-Backed Web Sites
Presented by BALM (Boston Area Library Web Managers) and NEASIS

Bringing Innovative Web Technologies to Library Settings

NEASIS Spring Awards Dinner
Spring Awards dinner combined with demo of the Paper Computer


Open Source & Free Systems/Software: Implications for Libraries

An Evening with Eugene Garfield: President-elect of ASIS

Web Graphics Workshop

XML: What You Need to Know


Extreme Searching

Spring Awards Dinner

Location Location Location (GIS)


Knowledge Management 

JAVA in the Morning: the Dawn of New Technologies


Your Business The World’s Business? Privacy in the Electronic Environment

HTML Extensions (workshop)

Public Access to the Internet via Libraries


Evaluating Content on the Web


Partners in Gopherspace the Draper Lab Experience

It’s Only Natural, or Is It?

Converging Interests on the NII: Commercial Ventures, Policy and Public Access


Image/Imagining: a showcase of Digital Imaging Applications

Building the Information Superhighway: Ownership, Access and Services


Closing the Library Doors: Electronic Services, Products, Access and Dissemination


Standards, Applications, and Document Delivery: Why Should I Care?


Information Science: Origin Evolution and Relations